How We Work

African proverb

To make a measurable difference in our children’s health, we have to bring the right people to the table — and we do. The Alliance’s membership includes passionate, dedicated members from many sectors.
  • Social services
  • School systems
  • Hospitals
  • Government
  • Faith-based organizations
  • Donors
These groups already do great work in specific areas of need. We applaud the good will of organizations contributing to the cause by providing assistance to parents in need of extra financial support find affordable alternatives to costly medications.

Steering Committee and Working Groups

Each initiative that we undertake has dedicated Alliance steering committee co-chairs. They guide and oversee key elements of the Alliance’s work. Additional committee members bring multiple perspectives and serve as vocal champions for children’s health in the community and within their respective organizations.Guided by the steering committee, working groups of volunteer members plan and implement the Alliance’s strategies. These groups are passionate and committed. They are organized based on the needs of the various initiatives that the Alliance undertakes. The Alliance brings a Backbone Team of dedicated staff that helps provide strategic direction, a proven Collective Impact mindset and tools; and community engagement to assist collaborations in orchestrating their work in a structured way to achieve and sustain social change.