The Alliance’s asthma initiative is focusing on

  • How to strengthen chronic care management
  • Reduce external triggers
  • Educate families and schools
  • Build a foundation of wellness for the nearly 90,000 kids in Dallas and Collin counties with asthma. More than 40 organizations are involved in this important work.

We’re making steady progress in many areas related to asthma. As an example, our Physical Environments Working Group, which includes members from the EPA, City of Dallas and other community organizations, is educating and training city code-enforcement officers and district attorneys to understand how to support targeted, in-home environment assessments and how to enforce housing code.

Healthy Weight Management
The Alliance’s weight management initiative is focusing on influencing healthy well-being for the 160,000 (or 34%) of Dallas County children who are obese, and the 14% of children who are at risk of becoming obese.This effort was initiated by the Dallas Regional Chamber of Commerce and is supported by the United Way of Metro-Dallas and Children’s Health. More than 40 organizations are involved in the work. Using the Alliance’s backbone team and the collective impact approach, the Steering Committee is overseeing five working groups that cover specific aspects of the obesity problem:

  • Healthy eating
  • A supportive healthcare system
  • Physical activity
  • Early childhood
  • Healthy school settings
  • Breastfeeding